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Weight Classes

RoboWars in Australia is currently running regular events in the ‘Feather weight’ class.
Other classes are starting up to complement the ‘Feather weight’ robots.

There will be a natural progression for events with other classes as they build in popularity.

Rules: -

There is a 100% weight bonus for non-wheeled bots.
Non-wheeled robots in the 340 class may receive a 35% bonus.
There is no weight bonus for shufflers or other forms of locomotion which are predicated on rolling -
See 3.1.2 of the rules for a definition of a non-wheeled robot.
Weight DivisionWeightPopularity
AntWeight1 lb / 454 gmStarting up
BeetleWeight3 lb / 1.36 kgStarting up
MantisWeight6 lb / 2.72 kg-
HobbyWeight12 lb / 5.44 kg-
FeatherWeight30 lb / 13.60 KgRegular Events
LightWeight60 lb / 27.21 kgLow in numbers
MiddleWeight120 lb / 54.43 kg-
HeavyWeight220 lb / 99.79 kg-
SupperHeavyWeight340 lb / 154.22 Kg-

AusBot Combat

AusBot Combat is an outdoor all terrain robot combat class.
It is designed for the more diverse robots that are not limited to flat floor arenas

Rules: -

Weight DivisionWeightMobilWeight FixedPopularity
UltiBot30 Kg25 KgStarting up

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