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The Next Project


Team: NMO
Builder: Neweyn Millen & Mat Owen
Driver: Neweyn Millen
Class: FeatherWeight
Chassis/Armour: metalshelving with choppingboard armour
Weapon: Spinning Bar fan motor powered
Drive: Oatley Scooter motors
Controller: IBC Speedcontroller
Batteries: 2 * 12V 2400mah Packs
Combat Record: 3 wins : 12 losses
Last Event: RoboWars3: Judgement Day
Achievements: Finally I won something !!!! (at RBW3)
Information: TNP has been a great learning curve. It has gotten off to a very rocky start but we're finally starting to get the formulea right. There's only a few issues to resolve the main one being radio interference.

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