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The AcId Test


Team: Technomagic
Builder: Brett Paulin & Gary Stott
Driver: Brett Paulin
Class: Lightweight
Chassis/Armour: Army Disposals Ammo Box with RHS struts
Weapon: Dual Vertical "Tuff Wheel" Discs driven from a 24v Fan Motor
Drive: 18v DickSmith "Drill" Motors with Full-Floating Wheel Hubs
Controller: RoboWars IBC Speedcontroller & MMC Weapon Control
Batteries: 3 x 7A/hr Doss SLA Batteries - 12v Drive, 24v Weapon
Combat Record: Has not Competed - No Lightweight Spinner Arenas available
Features One of the First Driving Combat Bots in Australia
Full Invertible Design, cannot get stuck.

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