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Team: Team Electromaniac (Formally Team BHM)
Weapon: Two teeth @ 1000rpm
Combat Record: No wins :(
Last Event: RoboWars 2008

Team: Team BHM
Weapon: Three teeth @ 1000rpm
Combat Record: Yet to fight
Last Event: N/A

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Team: Team BHM
Builder: Michael Rutkay
Driver: Michael Rutkay
Experience: Inspired by RoboWars4, this is my first weaponed bot.
Class: FeatherWeight
Chassis/Armour: Stainless steel sheet and a car rim
Weapon: Three teeth @ 1000rpm
Drive: 2 x RS 545 with drill gearbox @ 18V
Radio + Freq: Spectrum DX-6 2.4 GHz
Controller: RoboWars IBC
Batteries: 24V 2200mAh Nicad batteries
Combat Record: Yet to fight
Last Event: N/A
Achievements: None yet...
Extra Notes: Over 50% recycled parts.
Build Report:

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