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Scoopy Doo


Team: Le Sheen
Builder: Melissa Whitworth
............Brett Paulin
............Gary Stott

Driver: Melissa Whitworth
Class: FeatherWeight
Chassis: Folding Deck Chair
Weapon: Actuated Arm
..............Series-Motor powered Saw

Drive: 12v AndrewMods Drill Motors
Controller: Dual IBC Speedcontrollers
Batteries:1 x 12v-2400mahNiCd-Drive
..............2 x 12v-3300mahNiMh-Weapon

Combat Record: 13 wins : 7 losses
Last Event: Judgement Day - 2006

Scoopy Doo And l

A poem by Mel

Sometimes when lm wondering why my robotic pal is around me
l look to her blade of 3ml grade and a tray that scrapes to pound thee
The rush of blood that floods my head and sends my fingers twitching
is one of a battle with an opponent’s metal and some gaffa for the stitching
Looking at her body paint in the colours that adorn her
she brings to me the essence of a very loving daughter
Of the parts of her l cannot fix, lm very glad of friends for
but of those l can l do insist, for my focus is only for her.

With the talent to strike a painful cut and slice aerials that go flying
give truth to stories that tell of some who meet and go home crying
With batteries as her favorite things, as is chewing up the tables
these crazy bots in tinkers homes are somehow much unstable!
We battle for the winner’s pog, we battle for the learning
a test of heart in skill and art with others for the yearning

Scoopy is an Aussie bot, online for all to see
and building on the bi roads of her RoboWars degree
Costing her doesnt matter, braining it all the way
she and l together will win the fight one day.

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