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If you multiply the density of an object by it's volume you will calculate it's weight. Below is a list of common robot building materials and their densities (g/cc) (grams per cubic centimeter)

Plywood 0.5 - 0.9
Titanium 4.85
Stainless Steel 8.1
Aluminum 2.7
Kevlar 1.44
MDF 0.9
Mild Steel 7.8
Polycarb 1.2
UHMW(Chopping board) 0.9


To help fight the eternal fight of "My robot is to heavy" Here is a list of common robot parts and their weights

24Volts worth of CP2400 NICADS 1.3Kg
Drill motor 0.5kg aprox
Red wheel 0.15 kg
TR Magna Flat Fan Motor 0.7Kg
100 Watt Scooter and wheel unit 1.9Kg
100 Watt Scooter Motor 1.1Kg
200 Watt Scooter Motor 2Kg
250 Watt Oatley Gear Motor 2.2Kg

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