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Basic information and Event dates can be found on the wiki page as well - MarayongEvents

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The Queensland Robotic Sports Club is a group of enthusiasts interested in robotic sports, particularly combat robotics. We are running Featherweight and Antweight classes on a regular basis.
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The Queensland Robotic Sports Club is *add stuff here*

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Based in Victoria Robowars runs events in the purpose built featherweight arena located at the Sidetracked entertainment center. *add stuff please*
The NSW robot fighting club holds regular events at the featherweight arena in Marayong and now has a transportable antweight arena. NSWRFC runs All active classes, Featherweight, Beetleweight and Antweight. Visit the site for further details. NSWRFC
The Queensland Robotic Sports Club is *add stuff here*

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Robot Clubs

There are several groups within Australia regularly holding robot combat events. For the latest information please see the forum announcements or state specific section




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