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Good robot building related links only ..

Original Posted by Totally Recycled

Hi Ive just been going through some posts and finding all the usefull links people have posted and will put them here as i find them.

If any one else finds usefull links just put a headig (Ie) Batery related then the link .try and only put up links directly conected to building robots and mabe a simple coment after the link Like usefull imformation --simple to understand ect ..

Hopefully this can be usefull for every one as well as new builders instead of searching through everyones the posts to find links .

Building Tips

This is one the best links to links pages I've seen..
Theres something on here for everyone..

lots of robot tips and links about building and pit falls


Battery charging

Safe storage of nicad packs

Radio Interferance

An exelant link to radio interferance ..its causes and simple to under stand solutions
Guide notes on interference - Tim Mann from the Stinger Team

Hints on soldering

Robot parts

Radio control


Power conectors

Tilt Switch Debounce Circuit diagram

This is for an automatic Flip switch built into the robot.

Pheumatic Flippers

Here is a good link to pheumatic flipers and calculaions

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