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RoboWars 7

A two day event.
6/7 February 2010 at SideTracked Entertainment Centre.

Start time time 10am?

Special Events
- The Wacky Races
- Exhibition Robots

Please update this page with the details for your Bot if you are planning on entering at the RoboWars 7 Event.
note that the previous RoboWars entry list can be found here - if you want to recover details, photo-links etc from there for inclusion here.

Note that *ALL* Robots that operate from a Radio Transmitter must be registered here, wth their frequency, even if they are "Demo" (Non Competing) Bots. For non-competing bots, use the section at the bottom.

Featherweight Competing Robots Entry List

Entry#Bot NameTeam NameStateFrequencyBot PageImage
#1 Inspector General Techno-Magic VIC 75.510Mhz InspectorGeneral
#2 Vendetta Hellfire Labs QLD Spektrum bot page
#3 Demon Demonic Robotic NSW Hobbyking 2.4 Demon
#4 Rapture Unconventional robotics NSW spektrum bot page bot pic
#5 Born To Fail Seanet VIC hobby king bot page bot pic
#6 Reaver Mk2 Dyrodium NSW ? bot page bot pic
#7 Bender Team Rotwang VIC Spektrum bot page
#8 Badger Team Rotwang VIC Spektrum bot page
#9 Minimower Team Rotwang VIC Spektrum bot page
#10 DAC Team AJW VIC Spektrum bot page
#11 6x7 Team NMO VIC Spektrum bot page
#12 Black & White Team NMO VIC Spektrum bot page
#13 Hurricane Team Shred VIC hobby king 2.4ghz bot page

Exhibition Class Robots

Entry#Bot NameTeam NameStateFrequencyBot PageImage
#1ArenaSweaperTeamRotwangVIC72.310bot pagebot image

Enter the following code above the </table> tag and below the last </tr> when editing this page:

<td>Entry#</td><td>botname</td><td>team name</td><td>state</td><td>bot frequency</td><td>bot page</td><td>bot image</td></tr>

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