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A list of places you can buy robot parts without all the fuss...

Australia Based

Bot Bitz
Have a range of cost effective motors, speed controllers and wheels aimed specifically at the Antweight, Beetleweight and Featherweight classes. A joint venture between two builders from the RoboWars community with the goal of lowering the cost of getting into and competing in Robot Combat.

Oatley Electronics
A good place to pick up odds and ends. From scooter motors to relays, they have something that will interest the builder. NSW based and easy to deal with.

Fallshaw Wheels & Castors
A great place to pick up wheels for your robot, from featherweight to heavyweight, there is a wheel for your design. Plenty of stores Australia wide

Premium Paintball Accessories
A nice place to buy paintball gear for your pneumatics system, they have tanks from 3.50z to 20oz.

Paintball Accessories
Cheap prices on 12oz & 20oz bottles, plus replacement o-rings and pin valves

Jaycar Electronics
The place to buy all your small electronics needs, resistors, relays, diodes, LED's & protoboards. Preferred over DSE price wise.

Master Instruments
Best place to buy your NiCD/NiMH & LiPol batteries. Great prices with bulk buys (usually order of 100+ cells). They don't like dealing to people without ABN's, so join the group orders here on the forums...

US Based

The Robot Market Place (RMP)
They have everything to build a combat robot, just be wary of shipping costs and import duties on your parts.

Bane Bots
A smaller very of the RMP, less variety, but they sell a massive selection of gearboxes and motors that seems to have hit the US bot community like a storm. Be wary of shipping and import taxes though...

Tower Hobbies
A US Hobby store that sells everything you need RC and charger wise. Cheap FM radio solutions to the fully blow PCM and Nomadio Spektrum solutions. There selection of chargers is worth looking at too! Join there mailing lists and you'll recieve plenty of $10/20/30/40 price reduction offers on your orders. Being US, watch the import taxes and shipping costs...

UK Based

Just like the RMP, they have everything you need.. A good selection of pneumatic parts as well.. Once again, be wary of currency exchange and shipping costs. - [color=yellow][It has been brought to my attention that Technobots no longer ships outside the UK... I'll leave this link here just incase][/color]

China Based

Hobby King
Your one stop shop for all RC parts. Great for anything you want which is cheap, radios, batteries, brushless motors and some ESCs. Just be wary that they are all chinese parts and quality can be marginal however for the price you can't go wrong. There is a Australian warehouse which makes getting parts fast (particularly Lipos) much easier.

More to be added...

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