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Mounting Wheels

In Robowars the smallest thing that was overlooked can bring your robot to a grinding halt in the competition, leaving your creation in a strewn mess of parts over the arena floor. Attaching your wheels is one of those small things and something many roboteers have struggled with for many events to get right.

To make hubs generally requires machinery such as a lathe or milling machine. If you dont have one members of the robowars forum should be happy to make some for a low price. You can often find pre made solutions at robotic online stores as well. But anyway this guide will focus on the basics as well as the in depth machining aspects of this subject, so without further ado here's some tips to get you rolling!

Antweight Wheel Mounting

Beetleweight Wheel Mounting

There are many wheel solutions for beetleweights, the main ones in use are the soft foam type wheels and the hard colson kind so those are what will be covered.

- Colson Wheels

Available at The Robot Marketplace, these wheels are generally used in the largest classes, however they are also made in a usable size for a beetle, the 1 5/8 inch diameter ones to be precise.

Despite being made from solid rubber they are quite lightweight, especially when drilled out and offer fantastic traction. On the other hand being made from solid material they transfer more shock back into the drive train then the foam type, which can be a problem especially in spinners that can fly into the air and land hard on there wheels after a large hit.

To mount the colson wheels is quite simple. Colsons are generally manufactured with good tolerances so and the plastic is quite soft, so making a press fit hub is the fastest and simplest way of going about it.

process with pictures goes here

Featherweight Wheel Mounting

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