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Mega F'er


Team: Demon Robotics
Builder: Glen Rose
Driver: Glen Rose
Class: BeetleWeight
Chassis/Armour: 1.2mm titanium base and rear armour, 3mm polycarb side, front and top armour 1.8mm steel disk mount
Weapon: massive 400g single tooth angled flywheel ~ 8000rpm
Drive: 2x ebay 1000rpm gearmotors driving 1.5" diameter foam wheels
Controller: Banebots 3-9 ESC and mystery 30a brushless esc
Batteries: 11v 700mah Thunderpower LiPo
Combat Record: 5 wins 0 losses + rumble win
Last Event: 21 may 2011 beetle event
Achievements: KO'd 3 robots in 1 minute 30 seconds

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