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Date of the event is 2006-02-07.
Be there or be elsewhere.

The location of the marryong event is availablle on request in the forums,
check out and look for marryong.
Arrive at events by 9:30 for a 10am start. Entry fee is $10 per robot,
this goes into a kitty covers the cost of arena upgrades and the like.
Thanks again to Jeff J for letting us crash his place every month.

The Marayong NSW arena as it was undergoing an upgrade:

Marayong arena


Entry#Bot NameTeam NameStateFrequencyBot PageImage
#1Plan-GPlannersNSW900MhzN/Ano image
#2JoltTeam OverkillNSW2.4Ghz SpektrumJolt
#3King CobraTeam AuroraNSW2.4Ghz SpektrumKingCobra
#4VisceralTeam AuroraNSW2.4Ghz SpektrumVisceral
#5DeathWishTeam N/ANSW36.310MHzPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
#6CyborgTeam BADNSW29.825MhzCyborg
#7Snak MasheenTeam DyrodiumNSW36.510 MhzSnakMasheen

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