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These Magmotors have been specifically designed and battle-hardened for use in the BattleBots robot combat competition. They have also been used in applications like motorized scooters, electric bicycles, pump equipment, boats, and small electric motorcycles with excellent results. Take a look at the specifications of the Magmotors. We think that you will agree that these are the ultimate motors for combat robots.

Magmotors are avalible at the Robot Market Place: -

S28-150 MagMotor
This is a smaller, lighter version of the popular S28-400. Same diameter and powerful magnets, just in a shorter, lighter package! And would you believe a whopping 3 horsepower from a 3.8lb motor?

3" Diameter, 4" long
1/2" diameter shaft with 1/8" keyway, 1.75" long
24V (can be run higher)
3 horsepower
1970 oz-in Torque
Max current 285 Amps
82% Efficiency
6000 rpm
3.8 lbs
Neodymium magnets
S28-400 MagMotor
An incredible amount of power in a small package. You quite simply will NOT find a more powerful motor of this size. This motor is a must-have for the serious competitor. The improved Neodymium magnets and sturdy construction make the S28 the optimal choice for combat robotics.

3" Diameter, 6.7" long
1/2" diameter shaft with 1/8" keyway, 1.75" long
24V (can be run higher)
4.5 horsepower
3720 oz-in Torque
Max current 390 Amps
83% Efficiency
4900 rpm
6.9 lbs
Neodymium magnets
C40-300 MagMotor
One of the most popular high output motors available. This very successful motor is for the robot builder that is not kidding around. Serious power for a serious weapon or drive system of your bot. This is the motor that has powered many BattleBots to victory!

4" Diameter, 6.9" long
5/8" diameter shaft with 3/16" keyway, 1.75" long
24V (can be run higher)
3.8 horsepower
3840 oz-in Torque
Max current 340 Amps
84% efficiency
11.9 lbs
Ferrite magnets

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