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Melty Brain eXperiment v0.1


Team: IonStormRobotics
Builder/Driver: Aaron Knight
Class: FeatherWeight
Chassis/Armour: 3mm/8mm steel, 5mm aluminium, 1mm stainless steel
Weapon: Translational spinner or melty brain, robot spins on the spot, while translating across the arena to crash into the opponent. 10.8kg @ 750RPM
Drive: 12v 340watt winch motor @ 19.8v, geared 3.6:1 to 1 x 90mm Banebots blue wheel
Controller: AVR ATMEGA168 (B-168 Platform)
Batteries: 2 x 19.2v A123 Batteries
Combat Record: 2 losses : 0 wins
Last Event: RoboWars 6
Achievements: Built in two weeks, actually works!
Translation Test
MBX VS IG - Only half the fight, the bad half...
MBX VS Black & White
Spin Up Test - 39.8v (1500RPM)

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