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Little Brute

Little Brute
Team: The War Lords
Designer: Ajax
Builder: Ajax
Driver: Ajax
Class: FeatherWeight
Dimenstions: 200mm L x 430mm W x 250mm H. Weapon 510mm Long
Chassis/Armour: 10mm Aluminium / Big Steel Wheels (Being modified)
Weapon: Spinning bar with 500g ball of steel at each end
Weapon Motor: S28-400 MagMotor
Drive: XU1 cordless Drill motors
Controller: IBC Speedcontroller
Batteries: 3 x 12v packs. RC-3300HV Sanyo
Combat Record: LittleBrute 0 : Arena Floor 1
Last Event: RoboWars2:
Achievements: Got it running. Destroyed it's own battery pack and Weapon

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