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King Cobra

King Cobra

Team: Team Aurora
Builder: Glen Rose
Driver: Glen Rose
Class: FeatherWeight
Chassis/Armour: 6mm steel sides and rear. 3mm steel lid, wedge and base plate. 4mm steel foward angled panels on the wedge and interior battery bay
Weapon: 16mph ramming, wedging and just straight out torque, easily out pushes conventional 4wd bots
Drive: 18v Dewalt drill motors, 1/2" tool steel shafts, 1/4" keyway twin 1/2" bearings and 75mm x 50mm colson performa wheels
Controller: Victor 885 Controllers
Batteries: 2 x 12v CP2400SCR (2.4ah) Nicad battery packs wired in series. no spacer rings, and soldered with an 80w iron and interconnects made from copper braid.
Combat Record: 21 wins : 13 loss
Last Event: Robowars3: Judgement Day
Achievements: 2nd in its first competition, bending the walls at robowars.

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