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Team: DemonRobotics
Builder: Glen Rose
Driver: Glen Rose
Class: FeatherWeight
Chassis/Armour: 10mm 5083 aluminium on the top mounting plate and all exterior panels, 12mm thick 75mm OD aluminium pipe semi circles welded onto the sides. Rear triangulation from 5mm aluminium, front triangulation from 10mm aluminium, rear wedge made from 50 x 50 x 2 steel box section with an 8mm shaft and 10mm aluminium bearing blocks. Dust guard from 6mm polycarbonate and its mounts from 3mm aluminium.
Weapon: 40 tooth, 230mm diameter, 900g saw blade @ 4000rpm powered by a 1.51kg Ninchi Ra radiator fan motor on 24v
Drive: XU1 gearboxes with internal AndrewMODs with 18v RS-550 motors attached driving 95mm x 25mm wide custom urethane wheels.
Controller: IBC Speedcontroller
Batteries: 24v 3000mah 16C discharge NIMH battery packs
Combat Record: 6 wins : 10 losses
Last Event: RoboWars3: Judgement Day
Achievements: Most powerful saw in a featherweight

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