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Team: Hellfire Labs
Builder: Andrew Kerrison/Philip Taylor/Maddox
Driver: Andrew Kerrison
Class: FeatherWeight
Chassis/Armour: 5mm 5083 Aluminium
Weapon: Full pressure CO2 flipper
Drive: Banebot gear motors
Radio + Freq: Futaba 9CAP, 75Mhz (many different crystals used)
Controller: IFI Victor 883
Batteries: 11.1V LiPoly
Combat Record: 2 wins : 2 losses
Last Event: Metal Mayhem 8
Achievments: First Australian robot to throw another into an arena roof
Extra Notes: Weapon built by Maddox, robot built buy Philip Taylor in 2004, competed under the name Marauder until sold to Hellfire Labs in 2006

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