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Drive Motor controllers

All these controllers are available from the RMP and from the manufacturer’s sites. There is an excellent feature comparison here:

SOZ MX controller


A good controller but lower powered than the Scorpion. It also has less protection against shorts and high current.

Barello 150 controller

This one is lower powered but is quite cheap and has a decent 15 amp weapon control channel. It comes in a version without the weapon control for an even lower price. This would be a good controller if you were going to use a separate brushless weapon controller.

One of the bad points of the Barello and the SOZ controllers is that they cannot be improved by adding a heatsink to the driver chips, like the Scorpion can.

Scorpion HX

This controller is probably the best of the bunch, with smarter electronics and slightly higher power ratings. The Robot Power guys give large discounts for multiple purchases, which makes the Scorpions cheaper than the rest if you are buying in bulk. It’s slightly larger and heavier than the others but the difference won’t be noticed. I really like the extra indicator LEDs and the improved current limiting.

UPDATE: I have now installed a scorpion in Slash and they are extremely easy to work with. he set up is a no-brainer and the status LEDs make the controller functions easy to check.

The only thing you need to be careful with is the small terminal block. The block accepts up to 16g wire and because the entry holes are so close, I recommend tinning your wires so they will not fray and short out to an adjacent terminal.

I can highly recommend this controller!

Servo switches

With all the choices above why bother? The size and weight will be greater than the other controllers and the cost difference is not all that large either.

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