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BattleShed 07

Barrage In The Garage

Marayong arena

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are pleased to announce the annual NSW interstate event for the year and cordially invite the attendance of all interested parties.

The event formerly known as the Annihilator has been rebuilt from the ground up specifically for the purposes of your entertainment and enjoyment. This newly renovated and highly prestigious event will be held on the rather odd date of the 07/07/07. Namely Saturday the 7th of July and continue through to the following day.

Some Highlights of the new event are.

Firstly a prize of one half the entry fee of $20 per robot shall be awarded to the winner as well as a custom built trophy by the acclaimed trophy builder Chris "The Sarge". (very nice trophies actually, even if he doesn't think so, we all like them). To the first loser of the tournament a prize of one third the total prize pool. For the robot who shamefully finishes third the paltry sum of 1/6 the prize money shall be his reward.

Secondly the tournament shall consist of a round robin style event for at least 4 rounds, possibly more depending on numbers. This stage of the tournament shall be called "The Gathering". The "creme de la creme" of this motley rabble shall rise to the surface, and prove themselves worthy to proceed to the final showdown. These surviving robots will battle it out elimination style, because "there can be only one".

The remaining unworthy robots will be permitted to partake in the time honored hilarity of Hungry Hungry Robots and settle any old scores.

This tournament is strictly invitational and all competitors must express their intentions to compete no later than three weeks prior to the event. Early RSVP's are recommended and will be accepted immediately.

So who dares take up the challenge? Is your bot robot cream, or robot crap? Who dares to test the mettle of their metal beast? Whose bot has got the lot? Whose cuisine reigns surpreme??

To register your interest please add your information to the following link.

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