The RoboWars Technical Rules have been released !

you can find them .PDF format here
or as .html (web page format) here
or on the WIKI page here

UPDATE - Rather than creating our own Rule Set which may be different to the International Standards around the world, RoboWars has decided to start with the "Robot Fighting League" Extensible Technical Regulations
as a base and make event-specific changes from there. This rule set is presently in use by over 20 organisations world wide and represents an excellent unbiased set of rules for safe robotic combat.

If you are building a robot, make sure you check the Frequencies table here to make sure your radio system does not clash with any existing teams frequencies.

if you have any questions, emails can be sent to

Hobbyweight - - - - 5.45 kg
Middleweight - - - 54.45 Kg
Featherweight - -13.63 Kg
Heavyweight - - 100 Kg
Lightweight - - - - 27.27 Kg
Super Heavy - - 154.54 Kg
Sorry about the odd metric weights, but they are a result of our being
compatible with the International standards of 12,30,60 etc pounds

Note that the December 18 & 19 - 2004 - SideTracked event is for Feather and Lightweights *only*. Due to Arena Safety requirements, Lightweight class robots are not permitted to have any spinning weapons. Spinners are allowed in the Featherweight class only


Coming in The Future - The All-Terrain Arena
(applies to Middle and Heavyweight Bots only)

From reviewing the existing Robotic competition series, it has become apparent that an over abundance of "wedge" style designs is its biggest drawback. The laser-levelled flat floor they use has caused competitors to build bots that literally scrape the floor in attempt to "out-wedge" one another. While a wedge may represent a cheap form of offensive weapon, we feel that this trend does not do the excitement of the sport any good, nor is it likely to encourage innovation, instead it merely provokes a "my wedge is lower than your wedge" competition.

To attempt to avoid this stalemate and to encourage competitors to develop novel and interesting weapons without fear of being defeated by a moving doormat, we decided that the flat arena floor should be discarded and a variety of obstacles and hazards, including "speed hump" type items will be included. This will inspire constructors to give their Robots some all-terrain capability and also allow a variety of arena venues to be used, while avoiding the wedge competition so prevalent in BattleBots. Keep this in mind when designing your machine. Getting stuck on the floor will be an embarrassing way to lose.

The HobbyWeight, FeatherWeight and Lightweight classes will continute to operate on FLAT-surfaces. These bots are too limited in weight to include effective all-terrain drive systems, and represent a cheap class for the beginner to start in. Hence, wedges will be useable in this class.