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This is an old revision of Hyzer from 2006-07-23 17:01:00.
Team: Team Aurora
Builder: Glen Rose
Driver: Glen Rose
Class: Lightweight
Chassis/Armour: 19x19x1.6 box section, 4mm and 3mm steel armour and brace panels. 3mm aluminium top
Weapon: 900kg steel crushing jaw powered by a 4.2kg linear actuator
Drive: 2x 100w scooter motors with custom chain drive onto 125mm solid wheels.
Controller: IBC and two 60 amp relays for the weapon control
Batteries: 30v CP2400SCR (2.4ah) Nicad battery packs. No spacer rings, and soldered with an 80w iron and interconnects made from copper braid.
Combat Record: Yet To Compete
Last Event: Yet To Compete

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