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Launchers (or flippers) are capable of flinging the opponent high into the air. The opponent not only can be flipped over, but it can also suffer great damage when hitting the ground. Therefore, launchers are good against opponents with weak chassis, or batteries and electronics without protection against impacts. Launchers need pneumatic components with large diameters actuated by high pressure air or CO2.

3 Bar Linkage

A very popular launcher design uses a so-called three-bar mechanism. The “three bars” are the pneumatic cylinder, the main structure of the launcher arm, and the part of the robot chassis that
connects the arm and cylinder pivots.The launcher arm tip should feature a wedge-like scoop, to get under the opponent to flip(or launch) them. Image is of 'Toro' which is a 3 bar flipper that utilizes two pneumatic cylinders.

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