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Nick's spring-cleaning sale

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Nick's spring-cleaning sale

Hi all, To feed the CNC mill project, I am cleaning out all my hoarded bot parts. More will be added as I find them. Most items are brand new or have only been used for testing. Prices do not include shipping.

Ragebridge 2 dual ESC $195:

This usually costs $299 locally - get a large discount on a hot product. 40A continuous, up to 30 volts and current limiting in a tiny package.

Turnigy DX9 PRO radio $60:

This is a Mode 2 transmitter and comes with a FrSky Tx module and 8 channel receiver and also an Orange Tx module so its compatible with a wide range of gear.

You also get a Lipo thrown in for hours of bot fighting or Drone flying.

Sidewinder dual ESC: $195 - SOLD!:

What a RageBridge wants to be when it grows up. Dual channels, up to 48 volts, 80A continuous with 150A bursts, current limiting, internal channel mixing, thermal monitoring and much, much more. The side winder retailed for $399 (about $532 AUD) and this one is completely unused:

Full specs here: http://www.robotpower.com/products/sidewinder_info.html

2 x VESC: $75 each - SOLD!:
These need no introduction; the standard for larger, high voltage bots. These are completely unused and ready to be dropped in to your brushless-powered heavy:

Castle ICE HV160 ESC $95:

Just what your huge weapon motor needs! This is an older model and while it has never been used, its discounted from the original $330. This ESC is capable of 12S and 160A - that's 7 kilowatts! Shocked. It also has data logging to let you know how your bot is performing.

Castle ICE HV100 ESC $35:

Good for smaller weapons; works up to 8S and has data logging plus a strong 5A BEC. The plastic mounts on these are not the best and could do with a printed replacement - or just use zip ties.

Rotomax 1.60 motor $95:

This will give your HW weapon some authority! Huge torque and 2960 watts at 10S / 37 volts. Its completely unused and less than half price when you include the HK postage.

Scorpion HK4025 $95:
An even bigger discount on a smaller motor as these went for $226. The Scorpion is superbly made and high performance. 630 KV, 2,700W, up to 12S / 44V, has a 6mm shaft that can be upgraded to 8mm for free.

NTM Propdrive 5060 motor $34:

The BIG Propdrive; it runs on 6S to 8S and has a peak current rating of 3,300W (more like 1,500W continuous). It has an 8mm shaft.

NTM Propdrive 4258 motor $34:

This one is smaller and faster, with a 500KV rating. has a peak power of 1,680 and runs on 5S to 7S. This one has an 8mm shaft with a 2mm keyway ( I can find some key stock if you need it).

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