It is our goal to advance the sport of Robotic Combat in Australia.
We aim to encourage the Australian Inventors, Engineers and Mad Tinkers out there to turn their dream machines into Solid Metal and put it On The line and In The Zone to build the Ultimate Destruction Machine !


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RoboWars 2016 Nationals!

The Nationals is moving to Canberra.
This years event will take place on the 19th-21st August as a part of
Big Boys Toys Expo.

The event will feature a high school competition during the daytime and our championship fights during the evening. For more information on the high school contact The Creative Element.


RoboWars 2015 Nationals

First place went to Nick Martin, with Mr Mangle.

RoboWars 2014 Nationals!

ROBOWARS was back at the Ipswich Art Gallery in 2014!

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